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Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising

PPC ads are useful in promoting any service or product as they can generate very good results at very low costs. With us, any investment in PPC campaigns is a measurable investment, and the impact of ads can always be assessed through accurate reporting. Whether you are interested in generating sales, leads or brand awareness, our team of certified specialists can help you define an effective promotion strategy and optimize promotion costs to the maximum.

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Cosmin Sipoș

COO & Head of PPC

Paul Răcianu

PPC Specialist

Dinu Cheptea

PPC Specialist

Nora Ignat

PPC Specialist

Andreea Condurache

PPC Specialist

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PPC Agency Kooperativa 2.0 offers you multiple benefits and advantages through which you can better understand the impact of PPC ads

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Facebook Ads – PPC campaigns set up through Facebook Ads are among the best methods of promotion in digital marketing. The range of goals you can achieve through these PPC campaigns is very wide and they can help you take your business to another level. Whether we are talking about increasing brand awareness, generating quality traffic on the site, strengthening the relationship with users in your community, obtaining leads (potential customers) or actual sales, our PPC agency can recommend a suitable mix of paid campaigns. Also, Facebook Ads is the place where you can test creative ads and through which you can display yourself through an impact message.

Instagram Ads – Pay-per-click ads on Instagram can help you extend your message to another category of audience, this time mostly young. PPC campaigns run in stories can have a very big impact on your business, especially if they are corroborated with a remarketing strategy, but also with other PPC campaigns run through Facebook Ads. Kooperativa 2.0 is the PPC agency that can help you grow your follower community or get sales through Instagram Ads.

Google Ads – Google Ads is probably the most well-known and used digital marketing tool today, and the performance you can get through PPC campaigns set up with it is undeniable. Ads through Google Ads are extremely valuable, because through them you can reach potential customers at various stages of the purchase process. PPC Display campaigns (banners) will arouse the user’s interest in your products or services, and PPC search campaigns will attract more attention exactly at the moment when the purchase interest is very high. In addition, a specialized PPC agency can help you get great results using all kinds of PPC campaigns that we can find in this platform, such as Shopping Ads, Video Ads (Youtube Ads) or Hotel Ads. Last but not least, setting up remarketing / retargeting audiences is a crucial element in the PPC promotion strategy through Google Ads.

LinkedIn Ads – If you want a niche promotion and you want to reach especially the target business audiences (both B2C and B2B), LinkedIn Ads can be a relevant marketing vehicle for your business. PPC campaigns on LinkedIn Ads can be optimized based on several objectives, and the audiences you can target are extremely specific. Although the costs per result are slightly higher on this platform, a specialized PPC agency can help you understand the impact of your ads and optimize your promotion directions. The value of the results obtained through PPC campaigns on LinkedIn Ads could be higher than the value generated through other marketing channels.

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