Case studies

#DrumulLaptelui (#Milk’sWay)

Client: Danone Romania

Obiectiv: Presentation of the circuit through which the milk leaves the farm and finally reaches the store shelf (in the context of the aflatoxin scandal)

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Rezultate: 44 bloggers wrote about the campaign, with 59 posts. And according to Zelist, the campaign had an estimated viewership of 270,000 impressions and 140,000 potential visitors.


Client: CGS România

Obiectiv: Building an online communication campaign through which to reach a large number of young people

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Rezultate: 30 blog posts, reach of +250,000 people, over 1,000 ebook downloads and 234 calls taken by the 10 bloggers in 2 hours

Chivas Sound of Business

Client: Chivas Romania

Obiectiv: Placing Chivas Regal as a promoter and supporter of businesses with a social impact and promoting the association between the Chivas brand and the music industry

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Rezultate: 40 articles among bloggers and influencers and a reach of ~ 1,500,000 people

#ȘcoalaFlanco (#FlancoSchool)

Client: Flanco România

Obiectiv: Positioning Flanco as a brand that contributes to the continuous education and information of customers, thus declining the brand's slogan, "Always beyond expectations".

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Rezultate: 470 mentions of the hashtag #ȘcoalaFlanco, over 200 articles on blogs and sites and a reach of 1,160,000 people

Thermal Carolimeter

Client: Caroli

Obiectiv: Communicate through a blog campaign both the novelty of the label and its explanation.

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Rezultate: Over 320 uses of the hashtag #mancarecunotificare, 170 articles and reach of over 600,000 people

Jidvei’s challenge

Client: Jidvei

Obiectiv: Promoting the launch of the online store

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Rezultate: Over 360 social media posts about Jidvei's brand, 15 blog posts and a series of guest videos

Codecool – PPC Services

Client: Codecool

Obiectiv: Obtaining leads (students enrolled in courses) and increasing the brand's notoriety on the Romanian market

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Rezultate: Over 10% conversion rate on Facebook Ads, over 3000 soft leads from promotion channels and over 40,000 users on the site

Hello Holidays – PPC Services

Client: Hello Holidays

Obiectiv: Increasing the number of reservations and requests for quotation; increasing brand awareness

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Rezultate: Over 3,000% ROAS on Facebook Ads, over 40% more sessions on the website Y.O.Y. and over 6,500 new fans on the Facebook page

VOX România – Social Media Services

Client: VOX România

Obiectiv: Increasing the awareness of the VOX brand on the Romanian market

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Rezultate: ~33,000 likes per page, ~1,300,000 people reached the ads and a total of ~91,000 people who interacted with the campaigns

Ricola – Social Media Services

Client: Ricola

Obiectiv: Increasing notoriety

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Rezultate: ~6,313,000 people reached the campaigns, ~283,000 people who interacted with the campaigns and ~11,400 new likes per page

Veranda Mall – Integrated Services

Client: Veranda Mall

Obiectiv: Increasing the Facebook page and strengthening the relationship with current fans; increasing the number of participants in physical events organized in the mall; increase site traffic

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Rezultate: Over 14,000 new fans on the Facebook page, over 1,100 registrations on the site for physically organized events and an increase of over 140% on the website Y.O.Y.