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UX/UI & Web Design

The first contact that a new customer has with your business is through your website or application, so it is extremely important that these two elements are well developed and provide a pleasant and useful experience for the customer. your.

Whether we are talking about design for mobile applications, or we are talking about the design of a website (presentation, online store or web application), we always make sure that our customer's message reaches its customers properly, and the latter are satisfied. and fulfill their purpose: buy a product, ask for an offer, register on the platform, express their opinion, etc.

Who will you work with?

Vlad Dulea

Digital Marketing Specialist

Marin Apostol

Senior Web Developer

Andrei Zdetovețchi

Web Designer & Photographer

Ionuț Bălănean

Web Developer

Vasilică Liea

Web Developer

Ionut Petru Dragomir

UI/UX Designer

Nicoale Furtună

Web Developer

Andrei Ion

SEO Specialist

Are you looking for an agency with experience in UX/UI and Web Design? You've come to the right place.

The UX / UI & Web Design Agency Kooperativa 2.0 can help you provide your users with the most enjoyable and useful experience when it comes to your website, store or application. Discover below the benefits of a collaboration with us:

What kind of projects are we working on?

1️⃣ Online shop (eCommerce) – No matter on which platform you want to grow your business (WooCommerce, Shopify, Gomag or Webflow), we will make sure that it works properly and that the experience that your customers will have is easy, pleasant and they will want it. to come back.

2️⃣ Presentation websites (personal / company brand) – It is important that your visitors understand immediately what you are doing and what you are doing. This often becomes complicated when your activity or personality is more complex, but we will make sure that the information is transmitted correctly.

3️⃣ Blogs (personal /company) – Do you intend to write? This means a lot of content that a visitor needs to be able to assimilate in a coherent way. After all, you also have a reason to write, don’t you? We will make sure that visitors understand this reason and will answer as many as possible.

4️⃣ Web Applications – Do you have a project that you want to launch as soon as possible, but do you know that you can only do this in small steps? We are here to help you through an alert but effective process for you to get an application that solves the problem of the users you target and that is for them nothing but a pleasure when they use it.

5️⃣ Mobiel Apps (iOS / Android) – We know it sounds simple, but there are many things to keep in mind when planning to launch a mobile app. We are glad to say that we know what these aspects are and even more so that we know how to combine them with the objectives of your application, so that it results in an application that is only good to use by those you target.

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