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Kooperativa 2.0 Agency can help you grow your business by promoting and advertising on Facebook

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Are you looking for an agency with experience in setting up promotional campaigns on Facebook Ads? You've come to the right place.

Kooperativa 2.0 Agency can help you grow your business by promoting and advertising on Facebook:

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Types of Facebook campaigns
Depending on the niche in which you carry out your activity, budget and set goals, we will recommend a personalized mix of promotional campaigns on Facebook, so that the results obtained are relevant. Facebook advertising can be optimized for multi-goal campaigns, such as:

  • Traffic Campaigns – Aims to generate relevant traffic to a landing page. This type of campaign helps you get interested in your products or services and is ideal for creating retargeting / remarketing audiences.
  • Video Views – Get as many views as possible for the video you want to promote through your Facebook ad. This type of campaign can be helpful in helping users in a cold audience learn more about you. Later, you can address exclusively those who watched your video (through a remarketing audience) through a personalized message through a new advertisement on Facebook.
  • Engagement – Motivate users to interact with your post. This goal is very useful in promoting posts published on the page (boost posts), because this way you can keep a constant communication with the people who follow you (the organic reach is currently very low). This goal can also be used to promote events on Facebook.
  • Lead generation (potential customers) – Collects information about potential customers (email address, phone number, etc.) through Facebook ads that open pop-up forms. This type of campaign can help you increase your newsletter subscriber base or prepare personalized offers.
  • Conversion Campaigns – Generate valuable actions, such as purchases or completing site registration forms. Based on this goal, you can optimize and increase the sales of your online store through a Facebook ad.
  • Catalog Sales Campaigns– Get users’ attention to your products through a dynamic display in the form of a carousel Facebook ad. This campaign is ideal when addressing a warm (remarketing) audience and helps you increase ROAS (Return Of Ad Spend).

How to promote on Facebook

Facebook ads are set up through the Facebook Ads platform, which allows you to set up campaigns with multiple relevant goals. Whether it is to increase brand visibility (Brand Awareness), generate quality traffic on the site, strengthen the relationship with followers, obtain leads (potential customers) or actual sales, our agency will find the right mix for each model. business. Next, the target audiences will be very carefully identified based on the customer’s profile (Persona), so as to increase the chances of a conversion or lead event.

Subsequently, we will establish the creative direction (taking into account the target audience and the objective of the campaign) and we will implement the promotional campaigns on Facebook testing several variations of messages and banners, so as to identify the version that performs best.


How much does advertising on Facebook cost?

Facebook ads are PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads and are based on pay per result. They can benefit from efficient budget optimization if they are designed on the basis of an interconnected strategy and objectives. Our digital marketing agency will help you get the most out of your Facebook ads so that your budget is spent sustainably.

Properly optimized, Facebook ads have a very good return on investment. The cost per click cannot be analyzed based on absolute metrics, as it fluctuates depending on the audience, budget and creativity of the ad. Facebook promotion for sale has an average return on investment in advertising (ROAS) between 400 – 800%, ie the generation of 4-8 euros for every euro spent.

Tricks for a successful Facebook campaign

  • Don’t underestimate the power of videos. Use video content as often as possible to increase the performance of your campaigns, as they offer a higher interaction rate and can facilitate the strengthening of the relationship between user and business / product. 
  • Be creative! Create effect visuals for your Facebook ad so you can capture users’ attention!
  • One of the advantages of promoting on Facebook Ads is the accuracy of targeting. Take advantage of targeting options based on interests, behaviors, demographics, or personalized audiences. Did you know that you can show an advertisement to people who are going to celebrate their birthday? Or even their friends?
  • Always pursue measurable goals! How can you determine the effectiveness of a marketing tool if not by numbers?
  • Facebook ads don’t have to have an insistent sales message! We must not forget that Facebook is primarily a social network, not a marketplace.
  • Create and run multiple versions of ads on Facebook! This way you will be able to test and identify the best option for your audience.
  • Use Retargeting! On average, 7 out of 10 visitors to online stores do not complete the order they initiate, so it would be a good idea to remind them of your product.
  • Maintain an optimal frequency and do not tire or bore the user. At the same time, make sure that the message you wrote is relevant to your target audience.
  • Create lookalike audiences! In this way you use the Facebook algorithm to identify users similar to your customers.

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