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Communication is an essential component for the success of any business. Being anchored in the information and digital age, communication must be transparent, fast and constant. Whether it's media communication or communication through your own channels, we help you create the right communication strategy for your needs and an effective Public Relations plan. From writing key messages, press releases or advertorials to organizing press events and outdoor advertising campaigns, we find the best solutions to promote your brand!

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Anca Neațu

PR & Communications Manager

Claudia Miler

Head of Influencer Marketing

Milena Ene

PR & Communication Assistant

Do you need an effective communication and public relations strategy? We have the solution!

Kooperativa 2.0 integrated communication agency helps you to correctly identify the right communication channels and key messages according to the target audiences in order to build an effective Public Relations strategy, adapted to the global marketing plan.

PR analyzes and strategies – Public Relations can be a good tool for knowing your business and the stakeholders involved, so that you can build a communication plan correctly. Each target audience must be approached differently through messages and channels adapted to each specific. The press, employees, suppliers, customers, partners or state institutions are actors that must be taken into account in communication because the relationship with them can positively or negatively affect the image of a brand. From brand communication, crisis communication, media communication or internal communication to CSR campaigns, we help you create and implement the right strategy for your business.

Media Relations – Whether we are talking about traditional media or online publications, the media is an extremely suitable channel to generate free mentions that contribute to awareness due to the large audience of followers. In relation to the press, the most important elements are transparency, the creation of messages according to the profile of each publication and the rapid transmission of information for the relevance of the news and an audience as large as possible. Whether it’s an interview, a product launch, information about the company’s activity or an organizational change, together we can build news that makes a great contribution to increasing the visibility of your brand.

Paid Media – Paid appearances are an advantage in the communication strategy as they are guaranteed to publish the exact information desired by the brand. In general, the promotion of products or services for the purpose of sale falls into the category of paid advertising. In this sense, a series of materials can be designed for different communication channels in the online or offline environment. Advertisements, magazine mock-ups, TV and radio commercials or outdoor advertising – OOH (banners, billboards, street meshes or public transport spaces) and DOOH (digital banners in various screen networks: clinics, offices offices, chain stores, subway) are some of the options that can complement the promotional services within a campaign.

Events – The organization of an event has an extremely important role in communication as it is the ideal way to humanize the brand and its knowledge beyond the image formed in the collective mind. It is the opportunity to relate to the press, partners, collaborators or customers and to get direct and honest feedback on the activity and how the brand is perceived. All this helps to improve services, communication and establishes a strong relationship with these actors that will provide credibility and trust for the actions developed in the future. Press events, conferences, symposia or competitions are part of the wide range of   activities dedicated to integrated brand communication.

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