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Digital Marketing Agency for Romanian Market
Social Media, PR, PPC & Influencer Marketing

Social media account management

We are a creative and enthusiastic team, always up to date with new trends in digital marketing, and which comes to the aid of partners with proposals for concrete actions designed to help increase business visibility, strengthen and retain fan communities and generate interactions. on social pages.

Who will you work with?

Robert Feraru

Social Media Manager

Ana Gîlcescu

Social Media Specialist

Dana Andrei

Social Media Editor

Andreea Prioteasa

Social Media Editor

Daniela Podaru

Social Media Editor

Carmen Bobic

Social Media Editor

Irina Drăgan

Social Media Editor

Ioana Andreea Dan

Social Media Editor

What can we do for you

In order to reach an audience that may be interested in its products, a brand must be present in the environments in which that audience operates. We can help you be active on the social networks on which your potential customers spend their time.

Romanians spend about 5 hours a day on social media. The right content for them is the main reason why people choose whether or not to follow a company on social media. A brand needs fragments of content that cover the days of an entire year and that are suitable for every social network in which the brand operates.

Here we intervene!

For each social network in which you are active, we can do the following:

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10.000 posts created for our customers

2.000.000 fans we interacted with

25.000 comments and messages I responded to

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