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Influencer marketing is an efficient method for your messages to reach coagulated communities very well, through broadcasters that these communities have faith in.

Why investing in an influencer marketing campaign?

The decision to invest in an influencer marketing campaign always starts from your communication objectives. If awareness or attracting leads are among these objectives, then an influencer marketing campaign might be just the right thing for you.

Influencers are those persons who have built around their personal brand a community formed of people sharing their same passions and who trust the messages they communicate. For this reason, materials written by influencers to their communities come with a dash of extra confidence, as compared to materials send by a brand to a new audience.

Moreover, influencers may help you reach communities that you know are passionate about certain activities or interested in certain categories of products.

10 advantages of an influencer marketing campaign

  1. Brand Awareness – influencer marketing increases brand awareness or product awareness of the audience that might be interested in them;
  2. SEO – optimization for search engines. It helps your website appear among the first results generated by search engines for certain keywords.
  3. New website audience – generating website traffic from an audience already informed about your products or services;
  4. Larger communities on the brand’s social accounts – an influencer campaign or a celebrity endorsement campaign might increase the number of Likes for your Facebook page or the number of followers on Instagram;
  5. Attraction of leads – regardless if it’s about collecting email addresses in a data base, or if you need potential clients to contact you in order to learn more about your services, an influencer marketing campaign might reach these objectives;
  6. Testimonial – if, following the campaign, articles are published on blogs, then materials will be posted on Google about your brand, coming from external sources, and they will play the role of testimonials;
  7. Trust transfer by association with the brand- the fact that one influencer or another has chosen to collaborate with you is a vote of trust in the eyes of their community;
  8. Prevention – if negative messages should be posted about you in the future, there are less chances for those messages to appear on the first page of results, if that page is already filled with positive articles of some bloggers with a good ranking on search engines;
  9. Premium content generated by influencers involved in the campaign, which you can then distribute on your social channels;
  10. Market research – you can learn what blog readers think about your products.

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Cristian China-Birta
Cristian China-Birta
Founder and Shareholder

After 12 years of social media, 13,000 articles written on the personal blog and hundreds of campaigns that I have organized or in which I was involved, I know how things work. I can help you benefit from a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Cristian Florea
Cristian Florea
Social Media Manager

I monitor social media trends and I am up to date with everything that is going on in this industry. During the past 10 years, I have built a great community around my personal blog and I have coordinated over 200 influencer campaigns. My experience can help you better organize all your social media campaigns.

Irina Maria Manole
Irina Maria Manole
Digital Account Manager

During the past 2 years, I have coordinated over 100 influencer campaigns. I am in charge of the organization of each campaign, from the first pitch to the client to getting in touch with influencers, to implementing, monitoring and reporting. I do what I like, I am learning something new every day and I can help you design successful campaigns with the right influencers.

Alexandru Ion
Alexandru Ion
Social Media Editor

I am passionate about social media and I am always up to date with the activities carried out by influencers in Romania. Within the agency, I help with the implementation and monitoring of influencer campaigns and I am in charge of keeping an eye on statistics and of making sure that we meet campaign’s objectives.

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