Digital Marketing Agency for Romanian Market | Social Media, PR, PPC & Influencer Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency for Romanian Market
Social Media, PR, PPC & Influencer Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency for Romanian Market
Social Media, PR, PPC & Influencer Marketing

Google Ads (AdWords), YouTube Ads & Waze Ads | Google Promotion – Your ad on Google

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Choosing Kooperative 2.0 as a Google Ads agency gives you many competitive advantages:


Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Companies that invest in Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) on Google get an average return on investment (ROI) of 8 Euros for every 1 Euro spent. Your business can maximize its profitability with our PPC management services that provide key solutions for this type of advertising.

With our agency, through Google Ads (Adwords), your company can develop a competitive and customized strategy for the Google search engine, which brings not only clicks, but also sales, potential customers and implicitly additional revenue. Kooperativa 2.0 Google AdWords Account Manager gives your team transparent reports, personalized advice, and a constant point of contact.

Pay Per Click Advertising
Remarketing Retargeting

Remarketing and Retargeting

The remarketing process can develop and create significant opportunities for your business. Studies show that people who see retargeted ads are 70% more likely to become your customers. This leads to requesting a personalized offer, purchasing the product or contacting the team for more information.

Our experienced team (and Google Ads certified) helps your campaign maximize the benefits of remarketing campaigns. With personalized strategies and professionally designed ads, we help you reconnect with your pool of leads and get conversions.

Landing Page

Landing page design and optimization

A successful PPC campaign is not just about keywords, copywriting, Ads and Targeting. It also had to be extended and directly related to the next step taken by the user, namely accessing a Landing Page. With a personalizedLanding Page for your advertising campaign, your business can provide user satisfaction and bring visible results.

Our Google Ads agency, Kooperativa 2.0, has a team of specialized designers who can provide your company with advice to create a relevant and easy-to-navigate Landing Page, so as to generate sales, revenue, phone calls and many other benefits.

Landing Page Design Optimization
Conversion Optimization

Conversion creation and optimization

An advantage of digital marketing is the possibility to improve online campaigns. Whether the agency is testing new ways of calling-to-action (CTA), improving copywriting, or comparing Landing Pages, you can discover innovative and compelling ways to bring in new customers.

As a Google Ads Agency, Kooperativa 2.0 optimizes and tests your ads. We prepare and recommend testing methods that allow your team to focus on daily tasks instead of struggling with multiple responsibilities and lack of time.

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