is the full-service agency  of Social Media, PR and Digital Marketing that  saves your time and saves you money  through efficient and integrated communication and promotion campaigns

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Who we are?

We are a Social Media, PR and Digital Marketing agency founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs with over 10 years of online experience. After more than 10 years and with a team of over 30 employees, Kooperativa 2.0 is now a full-service agency able to provide with its own resources all the communication and promotion needs of our customers.

Kooperativa 2.0 is a member agency of the most important associations in the field of advertising and communication in Romania, which guarantees that we respect good practices in the field of advertising, PR & online marketing.

Over the years, Kooperativa 2.0 was designated as the most visible Digital Agency in online in 2016 according to Zelist Industries and ranked 3rd in the Top 10 agencies that worked with bloggers”, according to Digital Report 2017 by Biz Magazine.

What we do?
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What does the collaboration process look like?

We identify the right promotion channels for your products and services, we create promotion strategies optimized according to the established promotion media and the audience you want to address and we help you optimize the budget available to promote your brand on social media.

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The numbers that define us are

Over 800

Influencer Marketing campaigns

Over 20.000

posts for social accounts

Over 5.000

creative ads in Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Over 100

events attended by bloggers and influencers

Over 300

brands we collaborated with

Over 120

trainings, workshops and conferences on social media topics

Over 15

years of experience in communication and online

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Do you want to tell us something?

Our vision

To make Social Media a permanent part of the marketing and PR strategies of Romanian brands.

Our mission

To offer clients professional consulting and implementation services in the right conditions for all parties involved.

Our team

Social Media

The Social Media department of our agency is made up of specialists with studies in the field of communication sciences who aim to meet the needs of any client with personalized communication strategies. The actions that will be proposed for implementation are meant to bring the best results in terms of positioning on social networks.

Robert Feraru 1536x1536 1
Robert Feraru

Social Media Manager

Ana Gilcescu
Ana Gîlcescu

Social Media Specialist

Andreea Prioteasa
Andreea Prioteasa

Social Media Editor

Daniela Podaru
Daniela Podaru

Social Media Editor

Carmen Bobic 1
Carmen Bobic

Social Media Editor

Irina Dragan 1 1
Irina Drăgan

Social Media Editor

Sara Patrascu
Sara Pătrașcu

Social Media Editor

Ioana Costinescu 1536x1536 1
Ioana Costinescu

Social Media Editor


The Performance Marketing department is made up of certified specialists ready to help your business grow. Each partner we collaborate with has at least one specialist who will deal with the implementation and optimization of the PPC strategy. Come and meet our team and we promise you a fair and results-oriented collaboration.

Cosmin Sipos 1536x1536 1
Cosmin Sipoș

COO & Head of PPC

Alexandra Însurățelu

PPC Manager

Dinu Cheptea
Dinu Cheptea

PPC Specialist

Nora Ignat
Nora Ignat

PPC Specialist

Cosmin Pelin
Cosmin Pelin

PPC Specialist

Oana Netea
Oana Netea

PPC Specialist

PR, Communication & Influencer Marketing

From Media Relations, events and crisis communication to collaborations with the most relevant influencers in Romania, we offer you personalized strategies for promoting your brand and for consolidating a positive image online and offline.

Claudia Miler
Claudia Miler

Head of Influencer Marketing

Anca Neatu
Anca Neațu

PR & Communication Manager

Milena Ene
Milena Ene

PR & Communications Assistant

Daniel Samoila
Daniel Samoilă


1mihai zapodeanu 768x768 1
Mihai Zapodeanu

PR & IM Analyst


We make high-performance, modern and easy-to-maintain websites. We have over 15 years of experience in creating websites on different platforms. We know exactly how to help you get the most efficient website

Marin Apostol
Marin Apostol

Senior Web Developer

Ionut Balanean
Ionuț Bălănean

Web Development Manager

Vasilica Liea
Vasilică Liea

Web Developer

Teodora Tatu 1536x1536 1
Teodora Tatu

UI/UX Designer

Larisa Paunovici SEO
Larisa Păunovici

SEO Specialist

stefan borhan 768x768 1
Ștefan Borhan

Web Developer

Art & Design

We take care of everything that means audio-visual, from the creative concept to the production: campaign visuals, professional photo sessions, 360° virtual tours, presentation videos, commercials.
Livia Plamadeala 1
Livia Plămădeală

Art Director

Dan Ciocirlie
Dan Ciocîrlie

Graphic Designer

Andrei Zdetovetchi
Andrei Zdetovețchi

Photographer & Web Designer

Ana Enculescu 1536x1536 1
Ana Enculescu

Art Director

stefan rogoveanu 768 768
Ștefan Rogoveanu

Graphic Designer

1marius alexe 768x768 1
Marius Alexe

Graphic Designer

Management & Administrative

The team that makes the above departments move in the same direction

Cristian China Birta
Cristian China-Birta

Co-Founder & General Manager

Vlad Dulea 1
Vlad Dulea

Co-Founder & Executive Manager

semnatura dana dulea white bg
Dana Dulea

Finance and Contracts Manager

portret irina
Irina Săndulescu

Office Manager

Alina Canura
Alina Canura

Sales Manager

Do you think you would fit?

We are constantly growing and, who knows, maybe you are our future colleague 😉

The secret of a well-developed team? Our agency culture. Our agency culture.

We like to work together but we also know how to have fun together.

Monthly outings

Every month one of our colleagues takes us out of the headquarters and takes us where he wants. Nobody knows where we are going or what we are doing, only him. That’s how we managed to have fun together at EdenLand, to compete in bowling championships, to try the best sushi from ZenSushi and many other great experiences. Convince yourself how much fun we have at these monthly outings:

Team Building-uri

At Kooperativa we value very much the relaxed atmosphere and the friendships that go beyond the office space. We constantly organize team activities to help us get to know each other better and to contribute to our personal development. Whether we are talking about monthly outings, game nights or teambuilding, collective experiences are unmissable moments for every colleague and an extra reason why you should be part of our skilled team!

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