Digital Marketing Agency for Romanian Market | Social Media, PR, PPC & Influencer Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency for Romanian Market
Social Media, PR, PPC & Influencer Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency for Romanian Market
Social Media, PR, PPC & Influencer Marketing

Integrated communication strategies, online and offline.

The over 10 years of experience in the field make us understand the digital context very well.

We write, draw and program for you.








Personal brand or business page? Starting from your objectives, we will create a social media strategy that will position you correctly among the types of target audience. We help you with account management, creative content creation and community management.

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

LinkedIn Ads


Google Ads

YouTube Ads

Waze Ads

Pinterest Ads

Collaborate with our team of specialists and get an effective promotion strategy for your business and cost optimization on the most used Pay-Per-Click platforms, such as: Google Ads, Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads.
Image analysis and strategies, event organization and management, CSR and crisis communication campaigns, employer branding and internal communication, media relations and communication, media acquisitions (online, print, radio, TV, outdoor), endorsement with celebrities and opinion leaders, PR stunts.
Campaigns with bloggers, content creators and celebrities.
Contests hosted by Blogal Initiative.

We are skilled in communication but we also have a creative studio waiting for your brief

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Presentation websites and online stores (eCommerce), mobile applications, web applications.
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Monthly subscriptions for updating, managing and developing the site.
Taking photos, making virtual tours, graphic design (ATL / TTL / BTL), video spots.
Kooperativa 2.0 Chinezu

We share our knowledge and experience with you

Aici va fi preluat cursul activ prin JS

Date and duration: 16.06.2020 between 10:00 – 17:00

Location: Bucharest, Kooperativa Workshop Room, str. Popa Tatu 21.

Participation fee: 190€ / person

Kooperativa 2.0 Chinezu

Are you interested in a customized workshop for your company?

What do customers think about collaborating with us?

gabriela rizescu alcedo
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“The performances of the carried out campaigns, the excellent communication, the creativity, the proposals and the promptness of the team are the strengths that recommend Kooperativa 2.0 to any partner interested in digital marketing services.”


Gabriela Elena Rizescu

Marketing Director, Alcedo

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Brands we are proud of collaborating with

CEC Bank
Veranda Mall
Hello Holidays
Codecool 1
Profi 1
Atelierul de slabit
Crystal Dental Clinic
Isoletta 1
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Agency member of professional associations

We are members of the most important associations in the field of advertising and communication in Romania, which guarantees that we respect good practices in the field of advertising, PR & online marketing.

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Why is digital marketing important?

Your potential customers are divided into three categories. To make sure that the information about you reaches each category, you need to consider a few activities. In the rows below you will be able to see these categories of clients, but also the activities that you should carry out in order to be in their sights.


Those who are looking for your brand

They are those potential customers who know your brand name, know what services you offer and need you. Generally, they search for you on Google or the social networks in which they are active. It is important for them to find a well-made site, activity supported on the brand’s social accounts and articles from external sources that take the place of testimonials.

Those who seek the services you provide

There are those customers who want a certain service or a certain product, but do not know your brand and do not know that you could solve their problem. You attract them through Google Ads (AdWords) and through a very well done SEO optimization of the site.

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Those who learn about you from others

They are the ones who see your products or services in advertisements or advertorials and become interested in them. To reach this type of customers you need campaigns with influencers, sustained activity on social accounts but also Facebook Ads and Google Ads (AdWords), in the Display network.

We can help you reach all three categories of customers. Contact us to collaborate! Contact us to collaborate!

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As much as we are online, so are we offline!

Our team frequently participates and organizes events in the area of Digital Marketing and Social Media. This way we stay up to date with trends, we learn from each other but we also pass on! See below the last events we attended:

🗓 Date

💡 Event

👥 Who

🗓 Role

20 octombrie 2022



Robert Nicolae Feraru


7 octombrie 2022



Robert Nicolae Feraru


13 septembrie 2022


Events profs are back in business

Robert Nicolae Feraru


7 septembrie 2022


Romanian Business Club

Robert Nicolae Feraru


11 iulie 2022


TBI Talks - Buy Nou Pay Later

Robert Nicolae Feraru


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