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Websites maintenance

Website maintenance based on monthly subscription. Through the maintenance subscription we provide you with all the IT services necessary for the efficient administration of the sites. Monthly subscriptions that provide all the necessary support for updating, managing, promoting and developing the site

Who will you work with?

Eduard Ștefan Bulai

UX/UI Specialist

Andrei Zdetovețchi

Web Designer & Photographer

Marin Apostol

Senior Web Developer

Ionuț Bălănean

Web Developer

Do you have a website but not the time or people to take care of it? You've come to the right place!

The Kooperativa 2.0 site management agency can help you always have an updated site, which correctly illustrates the image of your business in real time and which is not surpassed by your competitors. By collaborating with us for site administration, you will benefit from the following advantages:

What exactly does the maintenance or administration of a site mean?

Why take care of managing your site?

Is your business an online store?

It is important that when you own a store, all your products are updated. You do not want customers who are upset or disappointed by missing or erroneous information. After all, they guarantee you success or failure. With our help, you make sure that they will always see only the products available, in the variations and with the right prices. If a new collection comes, you can count on us to appear on the website as soon as possible. Has the payment processor changed its system, and now your site can no longer process orders? You can stay calm with us, because you will not encounter such problems. It doesn’t matter what platform your site is built on, be it Webflow, WooCommerce, Shopify, Gomag or another, because we get along well with everything!

Do you have a medical, dental or cosmetic clinic?

As important as you are to your customers, so important is your site to you. Your customers always need to know which services they can benefit from, and we make sure they always have access to this information. We also know that for this type of business it is important to keep your customers up to date with your activity and to come up with useful information for them. That’s why your blog will be in good hands with us, as will all the ads you want to show visitors.

Is your business based on that unique service tailored to each customer?

Then we believe that there is nothing more important than updating information in real time for your customer. Is there anything new you can offer the customer? Or maybe you changed your process and the way you work? Surely your client needs to know that too. If you choose us to manage your site, we will guarantee that you have a contracting and / or contacting process that is as well optimized and adapted to your customers. We also assure you and the latest projects you want to highlight will appear on your website in an updated way!

Do you have a restaurant or a cafe?

We know how big the competition is here, we really know and understand your needs. With us you make sure that you make available to your customers the right menu through different systems that we will create for you. Relying on us to manage the site, you will be able to be sure that all customers know how to contact or visit you, whether we are talking about a physical location, telephone / online orders but also delivery platforms. You take care of the impeccable service, and we take care that you always have the customers close by.

Is it your business exactly you, a blogger, an artist or a trainer?

Your site will be your mirror. Customers will be able to easily discover on the website the ways in which you can help them with your work schedule. We will make sure that all the information is up to date and that your articles are uploaded to the site immediately after you have written them. Save time to provide the best services and texts, and we will help you present them effectively.

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