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Ricola – Social Media Services

Ricola – Social Media Services

Client: Ricola
Objective: Increasing notoriety
Results: ~6,313,000 people reached the campaigns, ~283,000 people who interacted with the campaigns and ~11,400 new likes per page

Project description

Ricola is a 90-year-old Swiss brand that produces natural plant drops with various flavors (being among the most important manufacturers in the industry, along with Tic Tac, Halls, Orbit, etc.).

Starting the collaboration and implicitly the communication in social media at the end of 2017, for Ricola we created the regional Facebook page, adapting the objectives and marketing directions of the brand to the local market.

Project objectives

Being a new brand entered the market and having large direct competitors, the main objective was to increase notoriety, measured by Total Reach, aiming at the secondary objective of generating interactions with posts, measured by Total Engagement.

Thus, after the first year of activity (2018) we reached a total reach of 1,876,000, while the total number of interactions with posts reached 96,000.

Over time, the objectives remained unchanged, which allowed us to further streamline our communication strategy (both in terms of post topics and post-boost audiences). As a result, the results proved to be better and better, with 2019 reaching a total reach of 2,700,000 and 118,000 interactions with posts.


Having a structure of the brand’s Facebook pages worldwide, we created and set up the Ricola (Romania) page, creating at the same time a communication strategy adapted to the local market, but which also respects the general objectives of the brand.

Therefore, we have proposed a communication plan containing eight monthly posts, two of which cover local topics relevant to users. The brand’s audience consists mainly of women aged between 25 and 54, who have an above average education and income.


The posts created by us in order to contribute to the proposed objectives followed three main directions: the benefits of Ricola drops, the age and experience of the brand and its identity. These were achieved by providing users with relevant information about products and business, through which both the brand and the “education” on its attributes were achieved.

Ricola 1
Ricola 2

We also created posts meant to increase the engagement rate, thus covering the following types of posts: like / love, GIFs, find the differences, puzzles / crosswords, find the Ricola box in the image, complete the sentence, etc.

Ricola 3
Ricoal 4

In addition, we have adapted international campaigns to the local market, thus maximizing their results. A recent example is the campaign centered around the message “We wish you well” through which good wishes are communicated to users, in a playful tone of voice. In order for the chosen topics and especially the communicated messages to be as relevant as possible, we created local posts, as follows:

Ricola 5
Ricola 6

Results (after 28 months of activity):

  • Total Reach: ~ 6,313,000
  • Total Engagement: ~283.000
  • Page Likes: ~11.400

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