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Kooperativa 2.0 este partener oficial CloudCart în România. Ai astfel șansa să îți construiești magazinul online cu specialiști acreditați CloudCart. Dar lucrurile nu se opresc aici. Împreună cu Kooperativa 2.0 beneficiați nu doar de un magazin online la cheie, ci și de un ecosistem la care contribuie toată echipa noastră cu experiență bogată în servicii de marketing care să vă ajute să vă creșteți afacerea: Branding, PPC, SEO, Social Media, PR etc.


Platforma ta de vânzări automate
care te ține în fața competiției


Build long-lasting relationships with customers and drive superior results with our easy-to-use marketing solution.

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We are scattered around 30+ countries, shaped by different cultures, traditions, and experiences. Our colorful backgrounds make us great individual players but shared Eskimi goals are what make us a TEAM.



Use Augmented Reality (AR) marketing, to engage your customers in an interactive and immersive way. Here you can hire AR experts to get tailored experiences that fit your campaign goals and budget.



Releva was founded at the beginning of 2020 by a group of software engineers and data scientists. We wanted to prove that marketing automation is not rocket science if you have the right tools and at the same time it can be empathetic and humanly connected to people.

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We represent leading digital media platforms across 50+ countries worldwide, supporting their growth, and driving business results for digital advertisers and agencies.