What our clients have to say

We are always paying attention to details, we focus on quality, fairness and a better and more efficient communication with all our clients. Our purpose is to build long term relationships with our clients, based upon mutual trust. Here are some of their reviews.

"``One of the strengths of the team is the fact that it has a very large network among bloggers, which I can reach very quickly, and I can easily engage them in campaigns, within short time.``"

Cristina Popescu, Communications Director, Danone România

"``I have worked with Kooperativa 2.0 team for several social media projects, to the benefit of our client Pernod Richard, for brands such as Jameson, Ballantine's and Chivas Regal. Each time, members of Kooperativa 2.0 team have shown great seriousness, coming up with ideas and initiatives far beyond the basic brief. Besides their involvement, Kooperativa 2.0 team brings another plus through their very good relationship with online influencers``"

Irina Mihalcea, Fantazia PR Boutique

"``Among the qualities we appreciate at Kooperativa 2.0, we mention the professionalism and the experience they have when it comes to online projects, their creativity and objectivity when communicating information, their entrepreneurial and visionary spirit in a field that is constantly changing and developing.``"

Mira Stănescu, Manager Marketing, CGS România

"``In a digital world, in which online influencers have an important status, not to involve bloggers in the content marketing activity is like you are trying to prepare a cake without having all the ingredients: you can still make the cake, but the result won't be as it should. All campaigns developed in collaboration with Kooperativa 2.0 have perfectly met our needs in terms of branding. Not to mention that Kooperativa 2.0 team is friendly and very creative, and so I thank them for their partnership.``"

Liviu Florescu, Craft Interactive

"``We like those moments very much when discussions about a campaign reach a brainstorming full of energy and creativity. We appreciate their engagement, their focus on what we want to communicate and, of course, their fresh ideas and recommendations resulting from an open and fruitful communication. We enjoy all these when collaborating with Kooperativa 2.0.``"

Anamaria Radu, Marketing Manager for Romania, IntegralEdu