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Digital Marketing Agency for Romanian Market
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VOX România – Social Media Services

VOX România – Social Media Services

Client: VOX România
Objective: Increasing the awareness of the VOX brand on the Romanian market
Results: ~33,000 likes per page, ~1,300,000 people reached the ads and a total of ~91,000 people who interacted with the campaigns

Project description

VOX is a Polish brand that creates modern solutions for the interior and exterior of the house. Founded in 1989, the business has expanded into the U.E. and the U.S.A. with over 120 stores.

VOX Profile was established in 1992 in Poland, and in 2007 the factory in Romania, in Râmnicu Vâlcea, was opened.

VOX Profile is the main European manufacturer for PVC products. This is a customer with whom we set out together from the beginning, building a communication strategy adapted to the local context and implementing it until now.

Project objectives

The agency’s objective was to increase the awareness of the VOX brand on the Romanian market, measuring its achievement through the number of Page Likes and Total Page Reach.

Thus, we set out to reach 9,000 page likes and a total reach of 270,000 in the first 6 months of activity (January 2019 – June 2019). The goals were reached and exceeded, so that at the end of June the page registered 10,684 likes and a total reach of approximately 327,000.

So far, the objectives have remained the same, and by optimizing the post boost audiences and adapting the posts to users’ responses, the page is constantly growing. Therefore, in the last 6 months (November 2019 – April 2020) the Facebook page has enjoyed an increase of 10,000 likes and over 600,000 reach.


Collaborating since the brand came to Romania, we took care of creating and setting up the correct VOX Romania Facebook page. At the same time, we created a social media communication strategy, starting from the brand’s objectives: increasing notoriety and increasing sales.

Thus, we proposed a communication plan of three weekly posts, through which we could reach both the technical audience (architects, designers, builders, etc.) and a general audience (users interested in interior design, home improvement, DIY etc.). Our agency created the posts and carried out the activities related to community management (invite to like page and replies to messages, comments or reviews)


Therefore, the technical posts helped both to increase the brand awareness and to generate sales to an audience in the field, specialized in the category of products offered by VOX. At the same time, the general posts have increased the degree of self-awareness to an audience that has shown interest in design and construction and will be more likely to choose VOX products when moving or renovating the home.

Moreover, in order to achieve the objectives proposed in the communication strategy, we proposed organizing posts according to the nature of the products promoted, by hashtags: #stilulVOX, #designinterior for posts addressing products aimed at the interior and #stilulVOX, #casaVOX for posts in which are presented products related to the exterior of the house. Through these posts we managed to increase the notoriety of the brand, to position it at the same time as a brand that offers complete modern solutions, but also to humanize it by empathizing with users, their unique needs and styles.

VOX 1 1
VOX 2 1

Next, in order to diversify the types of posts and interact with users in several ways, we occasionally created posts meant to increase the engagement rate: like / love posts, posts inviting users to leave a comment with their opinion personal information related to a certain topic, etc.


Interest results (after 16 months of activity)

  • Page Likes: ~33.000
  • Total Reach: ~1.300.000
  • Total Engagement: ~91.000

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