Social media courses for companies

Social media courses for companies


With more than 700 social media campaigns, a total of 30,000 articles written on blogs and over 200 workshops, seminars or speeches during different conferences, we have put together all this expertise in the courses listed below.

  • All about blogger campaigns

    It is worth it or not?

  • How to choose bloggers
  • How to pay bloggers
  • How to draft a brief for bloggers
  • What do bloggers want from a collaboration
  • Workshop on a social media topic at your choice

    What do you want to understand better?

  • You tell us the topic of the course depending on the needs of your company, and we will organize a workshop on that specific topic. From our experience gained through more than 500 social media campaigns that we have created so far, we can extract only those things that are of real interest to you and present them in an interactive manner to your employees.
  • Advantages of having a company blog

    How does the company blog help increase consumer’s confidence

  • How much would a company blog cost
  • How to make an editorial plan for a company blog
  • Which are the benefits of a company blog