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Online promotion strategy

Are you looking for an agency with experience in defining an online promotion strategy?

Kooperativa 2.0 digital marketing agency can help you by developing a strategy that contains both organic promotion campaigns and online advertising.

Find out more about the promotion campaigns we can offer you:

Elaboration of communication strategy

Once we become familiar with the specifics of the business and understand the profile of the consumer, we will develop a communication strategy consisting of organic and paid promotion directions. Based on the objectives we will set, we will propose a marketing plan for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months, which will contain estimates of results, communication pillars (for the editorial plan) and promotional directions that will help when achieving digital marketing goals.

Adaptability in organic promotion campaigns and types of objectives

When we talk about a social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on) it is important to understand the diversity of audiences and how they respond to the type of communication. Starting from these characteristics, but also from the brand identity that we will promote, the organic promotion campaigns will be constantly adapted depending on the specifics of the platform and the social media objectives which can be the following:

  1. Increasing brand awareness and visibility;
  2. Increasing the number of interactions on social pages;
  3. Increasing brand trust and humanizing the brand in the digital environment;
  4. Increasing the community of fans relevant to the promoted brand.

The action plan will be elaborated, and it will include types of content and communication pillars (for posts published on social pages) which will highlight the specifics of the brand, its mission and vision, characteristics, but also its differentiators in relation with market competitors.

Pay-per-click (PPC) online promotion campaigns

An effective method by which you can grow your business are paid online promotion campaigns (Paid media). Regardless of the marketing goals you have set, they can be translated into digital goals, so that you understand the development opportunities and the impact of online advertising on your business. Starting from an integrated promotion strategy, we will recommend a mix of paid promotion campaigns so that your results multiply. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, generate site traffic, potential customers or sales, we will help you effectively invest your budget in online advertising.

Measurable results for online advertising

Our agency specialized in online promotion campaigns will identify the most important performance indicators and will offer you a personalized plan through which we can reach them together. Starting from the allocated promotion budget, we will give you a set of estimates for the promotion campaigns that we are going to implement, so that you know what to expect. Over time, we will try to maximize the costs you invest in online advertising, so that the goals set in the promotion strategy guarantee your success. Our approach will always be measurable, so you can evaluate the management of online promotion campaigns.

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