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Online Reputation Management, Creative Content, Community Management

In order to reach the audience that could show interest in its products, a brand must be present in the media where that audience is active. We can help you be active on the social networks where your potential clients spend their time.

Romanians spend approximately 5 hours per day on social media. The right content for them is the main reason that drives people to choose to follow or not a social media campaign. A brand needs fragments of content to cover the days of an entire year and be fit for the social network in which the brand activates.

This is where we step in.

For every social network you are active on, we can perform the following:

  • auditing the existing social media activities;
  • analysing the competition as well as the target audience;
  • elaborating communication strategies on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube;
  • implementing remarketing codes into the website;
  • creating content: preparing an editorial plan, which we will discuss and approve together, based upon the posting strategy;
  • implementing the editorial plan;
  • community management through comments and messages on pages;
  • proposing competitions, promotions, real-time marketing. We build posts based upon events that take place at that precise moment and which are relevant for the industry in which you activate;
  • increasing the number of fans (if managing the Facebook page), attracting followers (if managing the Instagram account and the LinkedIn page) or extension of subscribers’ community (for the YouTube account) by promoting content;
  • drafting and implementing Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube Ads;
  • drafting and implementing Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube Ads;
  • monthly reporting of previous month’s activities;

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You will be working with:

Cristian Florea
Cristian Florea
Social Media Manager

I monitor the social media trends and I am up to date with everything that is going on in this industry. During the past years, I have built amazing communities around the projects I have coordinated. My experience can help you better organize all your social media campaigns.

Robert Feraru
Robert Feraru
Digital Account Manager

I am always up to date with the latest social media trends and I can help clients by creating optimum online communication strategies. I am in charge of the implementation, management and monitoring of the projects throughout their performance.

Alexandru Ion
Alexandru Ion
Social Media Editor

I create content for blogs and social media accounts for agency’s clients for more than 3 years now. and I can help developing and improving the relationship between the brand and the consumer. I implement and monitor the engagement plan of the community in line with the strategy and objectives set out.

Cosmin Sipoș
Cosmin Sipoș
Junior PPC Specialist

I am here to help you create the most eye-catching online commercials and to obtain the best results with the budget you have for advertising on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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